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Post operative physiotherapy  is incredibly challenging. It is collaboration between the patient and the physiotherapist, to formulate the best possible plan and achieve the desired result, returning the patient to their chosen level of activity or sport.

It is essential as after a surgery, having a personalized physical therapy plan can help ensure that your body heals properly. Examples of this include

  • Minimizing scar tissue
  • Reestablishing joint motion and function
  • Retraining muscles
  • Another benefit is a faster recovery time.

Post Operative Conditions that require intervention by a Physiotherapist

Total Knee Replacement (TKR):
Total Knee replacement is an advanced surgical procedure to restore pain-free movement to the knee joint by replacing it with artificial material. Post Operative Physiotherapy is recommended to patients as it helps them to get back on their feet, strengthens legs and restores knee movement.

Total Hip Replacement:
Total Hip Replacement is an advanced surgical procedure in which worn out or damaged hip joint is replaced with artificial parts. Post Operative Physiotherapy is recommended to patients as it helps them restore mobility and strength and enables to resume normal activities. It also helps patients heal from injuries caused due to trauma such as a hip fracture or dislocation caused by a fall.

Spine surgeries:
Spine surgery is a major surgical procedure to treat spinal disorders and conditions. Post Operative Physiotherapy will help patients manage pain after spine surgery, allowing them to recover as quickly as possible through lifestyle changes and exercise.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy aims to help people to restore optimal mobility and overall functions in the body. It also helps in
1) Building muscle strength, improving posture and balance of the body.
2) Reducing pain with various manual therapy that is crucial for strengthening weakened and disused muscles.
3) Restoring normal movement patterns and habits.
4) Returning to recreational activities, sports and peak performance.


Why choose us for Post operative physiotherapy treatment at home?

Proven methodologies: Customized care plans, globally used care protocols and evidence based practices for an uneventful recovery.

Tools for measuring outcome: Internationally accepted tools for monitoring outcomes against the benchmark to assure a desirable improvement.

Patient-centric approach: Building a therapeutic relationship with the patient and family via effective communication to facilitate patient participation and better outcomes.

Individualized care: We understand that each patient is different and so are their requirements. That’s why we provide you with personalized care plan that caters to your needs.

Save money & time: Schedule your appointment as per your convenience with no stress of travelling and waiting.