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Sports Physiotherapy



Physiotherapists who treat sports injuries and exercise-related injuries of all ages and ability levels work in the prevention and management of these injuries. Specialists in physiotherapy provide evidence-based recommendations for safe sports and exercise participation. Furthermore, they help people improve and maintain their quality of life by promoting an active lifestyle. Athletes of all ages and abilities also benefit greatly from the services of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists.

What Sports Injuries Physiotherapists Do?

Physical therapy that focuses on sports injuries or on-going problems is known as sports physiotherapy. A sports physiotherapist is a specialized physiotherapist who treats injuries or conditions that occur while participating in sports activities. Sports physiotherapy is suitable for anyone, whether you are an experienced athlete or just getting started. Sports physiotherapy is concerned with the following areas:

  • Identifying and diagnosing injuries
  • Finding out what causes an injury
  • Planned treatment for each individual
  • Rehabilitative services
  • Improving performance

 Sports where Sports Physiotherapists is Required

At any given moment, athletes are vulnerable to injury, which can affect the head, face, shoulder, arm, thigh, and knee. By warming up the muscles and joints properly, wearing safety gear, using safety equipment, and performing proper cool-down exercises, various measures can be taken to prevent injuries. Physiotherapists are professionals who must be trained and experienced in guiding the exercises. Injuries most commonly occur in the following sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Athletic

Basketball, volleyball, rugby, badminton, cycling and volleyball are some of the sports for which physiotherapy can be used.

Conditions Sports Physiotherapy Can Be Helpful

Sports Physiotherapy has become an integral part of the sports team and their essential role of physiotherapy is to provide treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. There are many conditions when sports physiotherapy can be helpful and these include muscle strains or pulled muscles, inflammation of tendons, stress fractures, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, wrist strains and many others. The sports physiotherapy can also treat lower back pain of sportsmen, hamstring strains, torn ACL/MCL, pulled calf muscles, ankle sprain etc.

Why choose us for Sports Injuries Physiotherapy treatment at home?

In-home sports physiotherapy offers treatment is as opposed to a traditional office or hospital based setting. Here the sports physiotherapy comes to your home and gets the treatment done. The benefits of choosing sports physiotherapy includes.

You are most comfortable and relaxed at home because it is familiar and comfortable for you. Physiotherapy at home provides added comfort, as you are relaxed during the treatment. It is possible to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home when many people dislike clinical settings for a variety of reasons. With no travel or waiting time to contend with, you can focus exclusively on your treatment, thereby eliminating the stress factors. At home, the sports physiotherapy can also provide highly personalized care. Cost-saving is another option to choose sports physiotherapy at home.

Serving areas in Bangalore 

Sports Physiotherapy who is associated with us offer physiotherapy service in different areas in Bangalore. Some of the areas include Arekere, Jp Nagar, Vijayabank Layout, Akshaynagar, Hulimavu, Begur, Bomanahalli, Kodichikennahalli, Jayanagar and many others. There are many other areas where the physiotherapy services are offered and that include Btm Layout, Bilekahalli, Banerghatta Road, Hsr Layout, Sarjapur, Electronic City Phase 1 And Phase 2, Kormangala, Deverchikanahalli, Whitefield, Marathahalli and Bellandur.