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Post-operative physiotherapy is vital for patients who have undergone orthopaedic surgery. When you undergo a common surgery like a hip replacement, knee replacement, or ACL reconstruction, the Physiotherapist usually follows established guidelines or protocol. If you have specific circumstances, your Physiotherapist should be able to adjust your program accordingly. Postoperative physiotherapy is typically divided into three phases. There are three phases to your recovery process: the early recovery phase, strength and range of motion development, and functional restoration.

Why Physiotherapy is Important Post Surgical Phase?

When you are discharged from the hospital after surgery, the healing phase begins. Your tissues will heal, any swelling will diminish, and the pain associated with the surgery will mostly subside during this phase. The Physiotherapist will focus on these things during this time:

  • Inflammation relief
  • Taking steps to reduce swelling
  • Restoring joint range of motion with gentle manual therapy
  • Assistance with walking in the beginning
  • Recommend and instruct on the use of gait aids, such as walkers or canes
  • To begin regaining muscle function without disrupting the healing process, here are some simple exercises you can do

What Does Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Aims in?

The purpose of Post-Operative Physiotherapy is to help people regain their normal mobility and function in their bodies after surgery. Additionally, it can assist with healing.

  • Strengthening muscles, increasing posture, and improving body balance
  • Hands-on techniques that reduce pain and strengthen weakened and disused muscles are crucial for pain relief.
  • Taking steps to restore normal movement patterns and habits.
  • Regaining peak performance through recreational activities and sports

Why choose us for Post-Operative Physiotherapy treatment at home in Bangalore?

Post-surgery physiotherapy at home is often required for patients who have difficulty moving around, either because the area operated on is the lower extremity, such as a knee or hip replacement, or because the extent of the procedure makes moving around extremely painful or difficult. A patient’s difficulty in getting to an outpatient clinic or the availability of a caregiver can sometimes necessitate home care physiotherapy. Any surgical procedure requiring recovery at home entails home care.

Serving areas in Bangalore

Post-Surgery it is impossible for the patient to walk or to move from one place to another. This is the reason why physio at your doorstep offers post-surgical physiotherapy at home. The physiotherapy who are in this profession are experienced and they know each and every step to treat the ailment and help the patient recover from the pain. In Bangalore, Physio at your doorstep offers services at Arekere, Akshaynagar, Hulimavu, Begur, Bomanahalli, Kodichikennahalli, Jayanagar, Btm Layout, Bilekahalliand in many other places. In addition to this, the services are also offered at places like Jp Nagar, Vijayabank Layout, Banerghatta Road, Hsr Layout, Sarjapur, Electronic City Phase 1 And Phase 2, Kormangala, Deverchikanahalli, Whitefield, Marathahalli and Bellandur.